Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen - WE HAVE COLOR!

Okay, this has seriously been obnoxiously difficult to decide but, after much hemming and hawing, obsessing, and color swatching, we have officially picked a color scheme for the TV Room!!! I know. I've already alerted the local media outlets and they were extremely relieved.

And I'm SO HAPPY. Seriously. SO. HAPPY. This is more of a load off than you'd think it would be. I bought a couch at the local Goodwill yesterday for $19.99 and it's in AMAZING condition (I know...I can't even...) and will smell less like a basement with the application of some Febreeze. It's going to be the perfect napping couch. 

And the best part? It's this gorgeous tweed-y fabric that looks almost exactly like that brownish color on the swatch below! SO, without further ado (although if you've scrolled down, then you've already SEEN the swatch. Cheater.) I give you-

(Cue uproarious cheering and adulation)

Door Hues
as in A-DOOR Hues! Hey-oh!
(A-door Hues...Adore Hues...see what I did there?)
Photo by Design Seeds - She is AMAZING!!!
Can I give a MAD shout-out to Design Seeds? I know that I'm not the first one to realize her genius nor the last (seriously, she is ALL OVER Pinterest...I'm pretty sure she's the reason Pinterest was invented.) but I just have to throw out my praise for her. Adore. Completely. I highly recommend going over there IMMEDIATELY and having a look around at her mad, mad color swatching talent. I will never decorate a room AGAIN without the aid of her incredible site. 

And if you DO go over to her site (seriously. Do it. Right after you finish reading this suggestion because it's a GOOD one), be sure to get the Chip It! app from Sherwin-Williams first. This thing is just. too. good. It will "chip" ANY color from ANY photo ANYWHERE ON THE WEB. It's...I can't even...I mean...*sigh* It's like Sherwin-Williams crept into my dreams and designed an app using the innermost longings and loves of my soul. I'm in love. 


Step 1: take a last long look at all of your boring desperately-want-to-be-painted-any-color-but-contractor-white walls and give them a promise that soon they, too, will shine with any and all shades of the rainbow!

Step 2: Get the Chip It! app (do it.)

Step 3: Go to Design Seeds and fall in love with many, MANY color schemes and dream of the warmth or breeziness, traditional or contemporary, shabby chic or southwestern glory that is soon to come to your home.

Step 4: Go to your local Sherwin-Williams store with your auto-matched color chips in your hot little hand and grab some paint and brushes! (No, I'm not getting any kind of kick-back from the company in exchange for this post, but hey, I have a LOT of painting to do - a LOT - so hey S-W? If you wanna do a girl a solid and send me some coupons, I wouldn't say no...)

Step 5: Go. to. TOWN! Seriously, have FUN and be in AWE of how quickly and easily paint can change the interior feel of your home! 

Step 6: Come back here and tell me ALL ABOUT your color adventures because I LOVE to hear them!

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