Friday, May 25, 2012

Miss Sophie: Adorable Rodant Assassin

Look at her. Just laying there. You'd never guess that just a few days ago she managed to catch, kill, and hide a chipmunk right in our living room (!!!). Still no word on how it got INTO our house, but Miss Sophie was on it. I so badly wish that she was the kind of Country Cat that wanted to bring her kills to her people as a gift rather than the kind who hides them away like some kind of sick, feline serial killer hoarder. I expect A&E to show up and film her emotional breakdown on our front lawn any moment. Ugh.

So that brings her kill count to 3 mice and 1 chipmunk. Lucille's is still at a pitiful 0. Hey, someone has to be in charge of looking glamorous on the regular. We can't ALL be vicious killing machines.

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