Saturday, August 11, 2012

Frugal, Fabulous Farmgirl Fridays - A "Teal-y" Good Deal *groan*

I have been a huge fan of nail polish of all kinds since I received my very first bottle around age 4. It was a gorgeous bright sparkly pink and I insisted on wearing every chance I got. My mom wasn't a huge fan of my bent toward taking fashion advice from Loni Anderson at a tender age, so that wasn't often, but I was deeply in love with my pretty finger tips when the occasions did arise.

I love nail polish, but I don't love the price tag on some of the higher end brands. I love Essie's formulas  as a general rule, but at $7.99 a bottle I can't really afford to indulge my passion for color in the way I would like to. This means that I'm constantly on the lookout for inexpensive dupes of new high-fashion colors and finishes (matte, glitter, etc).

I'm currently obsessed with any-and-everything teal. 

GORGEOUS right?! I am completely enamored of this color right now, in all its shades and configurations.

Naturally, this means that I've been on the hunt for the perfect teal nail polish so that I can take the color with me everywhere I go! Apparently, this is easier said than done. This turned into one heck of a hunt with lots of trial and error.

BUT, dear readers! I have prevailed and for those of you who are feeling a desperate need for more teal in your life, keep reading because I have found a gorgeous deep teal nail polish that goes on a treat and costs (wait for it)



It's by the company L.A. Colors in their Color Craze line in "Atomic."

It's absolutely gorgeous:

It looks like a light green in the bottle, but once you start applying it it turns into this lovely deep teal. I'm officially in love. Oh, and my bottle is so tiny because I didn't buy the full size. L.A. Colors makes little sample bottles of their colors (I found the first color of theirs that I ever tried in the impulse buy area of JoAnn Fabrics!) that run between $0.75 and $1.00. If you do find these minis for a dollar, do not buy unless you don't have a Family Dollar in your area or a similar store because they sell the full size bottles of this line for that price! I bought this color along with a few others tonight for $0.75 at Family Dollar and I can't wait to try the other ones on!!! I'll definitely be buying this one in the full size! The sample size is great to have on hand to carry with you for touch ups in case of the accidental nick or chip over the course of the ordinary day. They fit right in my little touch-ups bag in my purse perfectly!

Oh, and as a side bonus?
See that little symbol?

It's a little bunny face that says "Cruelty Free" underneath. That means that they don't test on animals! Not only do you get cute nails, you get to up your karma quotient, too! Win!

The only drawback I found is that the formulation can be a little goopy. I had to repeatedly recap the bottle and shake up the contents to get it smooth enough to continue painting my nails. The brush that's included in the cap of the bottle isn't that great either. I couldn't help but compare it to Wet 'n' Wild's "Manicurve" brush that's included with some of their nail polishes, including their MegaLast line. All in all the results were good and with a little clean up afterwards, it looks just as good as a manicure I've given myself with polish eight times as expensive as this one. I'd definitely recommend it!

ETA: Note that you'll want to use a good base coat and a top coat to increase the polish's longevity! It will definitely chip and crack faster than you'd like if you don't!

So, ladies, how are you pinching pennies and stretching your dollars? Hit me with your suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

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