Monday, October 22, 2012

A Meal For Monday - Reverse Recommendation

Anti-recommendation? A recommenDON'T? Whatever.

This is going to be a "This Not That" kind of post, which is the result of my being allowed to roam Pinterest at will with no restraints or outside voices of reason.

If you are feeling a hankering for quick mac 'n' cheese, make this:

NOT that:
Mac 'n' Cheese In a Mug - A NEFARIOUS LIE
This recipe is a Pinterest rock star. It is everywhere. Everyone has pinned this. 

And I am begging you, on behalf of your mugs and microwave, not to make it. 
It lies.

See that delicious mug of golden, creamy promise? Don't believe it for a second.
In the words of The Golden Girls' Blanche Devereaux:

"I'm sorry, but like the fatal blossom of the graceful jimson weed, I entice with my [delicious and arty photo] but can provide no succor."

This is the recipe:
Mac 'n' Cheese In a Mug
I saw it and thought, "Hm, those LOOK like all of the ingredients for macaroni and And the pin description had a winky face in it! Surely they wouldn't have put a winky face if it wasn't warranted. You don't just winky face things willy nilly after all! What could go wrong?"

What indeed. Turns out, the winky face was more of a "Oh my gosh, she's actually going to DO THIS! HILARIOUS! It WORKED! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" winky face.

Remember the above picture? That's what they promise you. And THIS is mine:
Delish, right? Dontcha just wanna dive right in and scrape the burned, crusted cheese off the sides to savor with the hard, uncooked noodles floating sadly in the bottom? Mmmmmmm...

 And THIS is my poor, overworked-and-underpaid microwave:
Do you have any idea what it took to scrape the cheesy, sticky, foul-smelling goo off of my normally-spotless glass turntable? DO YOU?!

Seriously. It was a macaroni disaster. A DISASTERONI.

There you go. Saving this from your table, with love.


  1. Well, Gretchen, this post surely did put a huge smile on my face and brought a chuckle to my lips. I know now to never ever, under any circumstances, make that microwave mac and cheese. Thanks for having a sense of humor about what was probably a real pain in the rump! :)