Thursday, November 1, 2012

OrgnizaFUN - Meal Planning

Welcome back! Thanks for hanging in there after I missed last week! Things have been a little bit crazy around here what with The Hubs being in school and working full time and Beanie has been making me a little bit sick the last week or so. Nothing major, just enough to make me want to lay on the couch and never get up again. S/he also seems to think that we need 10 hours of sleep at night in order to function properly. Lol.

But I'm back!

And I'm excited to show you one of my very favorite projects that I've done and it was SO inexpensive to make!

Now, I'm a planner. I have always liked to know what's coming next so that I can anticipate what needs doing, what I need to work on, what I should wear, etc. My meals are no exception.

You will be amazed what a difference this one simple thing will make in your everyday life! No more, "Hey honey? What's for dinner?" ringing across the house from the living 5pm...and you've got nothing handy except a box of mac and cheese and a sad jar of pickles of indeterminate age.

It makes SUCH a difference to know that you've got what you need for meals handy, that you know what meals you're going to make, and what is handy in your food storage for add-on items (veggies as a side, fruit salad, etc).

In a corner just above the bookshelf where I keep my cookbooks I have this hanging:

(True confession: I'm in love with my little vintage toy tin stove there. The Hubs bought me that at the Antique Festival last summer and it came with all of these darling little pans and things, and it matches my kitchen perfectly! I knew it just belonged in my kitchen.)

I bought the 8-frame picture frame at Wal-Mart for $10 and I had the letter stickers, scrapbook paper, and dry erase marker on hand. It was as easy as pie to make- all I had to do was pick out complementary scrapbook paper that matched my kitchen colors (red and aqua...I love), trace the glass inserts and cut out the paper, add the heading ("The Schmidts' Week" in my case), add the days of the week, and assemble. Presto! Instant weekly menu! And I absolutely love it. Everyone knows what's coming, I can see at a glance what I need to plan on making every night, and it's easy to change if there's a last-minute request for something.

This is the last thing I look at in the evening, so I know what I need to be working on for dinner the next day. It lets me know if, while I'm chopping up veggies anyways, if I can just do tomorrow's veggies and save myself the hassle tomorrow. It reminds me if I need to get up a little early to throw something in the Crock Pot. It's a wonderful, easy resource.

I've seen this used for a variety of other purposes too- I've seen them in kids' rooms so they all know what activities they have coming up on a given day that week (no more, "Hey mom? When's my ballet class?"), which is nice because it teaches them a sense of personal responsibility for knowing what their schedules are. Rather than just running to you to ask, they can go look at their schedule and know for sure what's happening. It teaches them to rely on a planner/organizer rather than on a third party for their schedules.

I've seen it used as a family schedule for activities. I've seen it used as a  chore chart (Sally does dishes on Monday while Janie sweeps the kitchen floor and makes beds, etc). It's a WONDERFUL way to keep track of your FlyLady information, too! What day are doing which chores for the Zone we're in that week? Now you know, right away! (For those of you who were at my class earlier this month, you'll know what I'm talking about. If not, you'll have the opportunity to learn more about it next week!)

It's a great visual tool to have in your home, it teaches your family to a planner for their information rather than running to you (or yelling for you, more usually) for the day-to-day details of your family's life.

I love that it's broken down so easily and allows you to take things one week at a time, too, rather than looking a calendar with a full month on it chock full of information, which can be a little overwhelming.

It's a small, easy step in the right direction. Your family will LOVE having an idea of what's for dinner (or what activities are coming, if that's what you decide to use it for), it will simplify things for you because you'll know in advance what you need to do to be ready for tomorrow, and being ready is HALF of being organized!

The frames come in brown and black and they're in the frame department of WalMart! Have fun with the papers you pick out, the fonts you choose for your stickers, whatever! It's completely personalizable and these make WONDERFUL holiday presents! Do you need a gift for you Visiting Teachees? These are a great idea!

Have FUN and remember- DON'T STRESS!!! We're doing this Baby Steps at a time!

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  1. I am in love with this idea. I am planning to make one for Jeremiah's teacher for her Christmas gift (I adore her, so she gets a good gift). Fortunately tomorrow is payday and Wal-Mart is on my list of places to visit. I will share with you when I get mine done! I am also loving the baby steps. Oh, and I have the same toy stove, only yours is in much better shape than mine! Brilliant minds think alike! <3