Saturday, March 16, 2013

Simple Sabbaths - Maternity Photo Shoot

I've had a lot of time to consider my blessings in the last few months while growing this amazing little person inside of me. The Hubs and I have been through a lot in the last year and a half, as have those that we love. It seems like an entire lifetime of experiences, good and bad, have been crammed into the last few years, which makes it impossible not to take stock of yourself and your life. I've been given so very much to be grateful for and, while fear tells me that the next hills we have to face are impossible, hope tells me that brighter things are just around the corner for us. All of us. 

I wanted to have something to document this little slice of our lives right now, this part of being a mother that I love so much. I do so love being pregnant! It's my favorite thing, watching the changes in my body and feeling the first stirrings of life deep inside. It's incredible. Yes, there are the normal things that women complain of in pregnancy, and no it's not necessarily always dignified but OH! The things that are good as so incredible that they more than make up for the hard parts. I would gladly take heartburn and backache for the opportunity to feel little feet paddling against my belly and see the jumps and jives of a little person performing an acrobatic show simply for his own amusement. 

I felt the need to document the joy that goes along with making life so that someday our Little Man could see these pictures and sees what incredible love and happiness he brought to his parents simply by existing. We teamed up with an amazing photographer and dear friend in our area (Stephanie Lowe of Stephanie Lowe Photography) and scheduled a maternity photo shoot in February. I really wanted to do some snowy, poetic looking shots and thought that our property would be the perfect backdrop for our pictures! I'm SO in love with the land that our house is on, especially in the winter. The woods are just gorgeous. These are just some of the beautiful shots that she got but I have to say, I'm sorely tempted to just plaster these all over our house! I'm so in love with them!!!

The Hubs is in love with touching my tummy which I, of course, love.

See? Daddy and son, already inseparable!

This one is one of my Top 5 Favorites. Seriously, Stephanie is SO talented!

SO in love with this man...

This one might make this year's Christmas card...


Okay, this was actually surprisingly comfortable. The snow contoured to my body's position, making a sort of outside easy chair. I could've sat out there all day. lol.

My shoulder to lean on...

My rock and shelter from the storm...

And he always makes me laugh!

Seriously? Love.

Another Top 5 shot, mostly because of the look on his face. He looks so...protective.

*sigh* He still gives me butterflies.

Okay, please, please, PLEASE don't think that we're crazy animal people or anything but...I love this dog. There will be a blog post in the future going more into it, but we're very, very attached to each other. She was so excited about the goings on of having company over, so I thought it would be fun to try to get her in a couple of shots. The fact that she's not just a big blonde blur is a testament to Stephanie's talent because I don't think she held still for more than .5 seconds at a time. lol.
Giving kisses!

Snuggled up in a family heirloom quilt.

Booties that I crocheted for Little Man! In Detroit Lions colors, of course!

This one is definitely going to make it on a wall somewhere in our house. I love it!

Dreaming out of one of our living room windows. We came inside to warm up with some herbal tea (Tangerine Zinger!) and as luck would have it, I even had my favorite mug in hand for the picture!

Warming up in front of our fireplace. Love. Love, love, love.
It was such an incredible experience and I think we've found our official family photographer! She'll be doing a newborn shoot with us after Little Man arrives, as well, which I'm very excited for! It was such a beautiful day for it (albeit freezing cold! And REALLY snowy!) and the surroundings couldn't have been more perfect. I couldn't be happier!

We love all of you who have supported us and who have been praying us through this pregnancy. It means so much to feel the power of those prayers and to know that there are so many people who love us. We think of all of you daily and are so grateful for all of you. Please keep those prayers coming as we close in on my due date. We most assuredly need them. Until the day he makes his arrival, I'll continue to calm myself by remembering all of the blessings in my life, all of the love we feel on a daily basis, and all of the joy that having the Gospel in my life brings me.

Happy Sabbathing, everyone!