Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Sad Day for Forget-Me-Not Farm

It's a sad day, you guys. It's the end of an era, of sorts.

Forget-Me-Not Farm is no more.
Or at least, it will be no more in a couple of months.

The homeowners have decided to sell the house and the property, which means that it's the beginning of something new for our little family.

As sad as endings always are, beginnings can be wonderful and you can't have one without the other.

So. The house hunt begins! 
This means that I will no longer be a City Mouse in a Country House because I'm going to be dragging the Hubs, my lovely cutie-pie Country Mouse, into the city! My turf! And seriously? As much as I've loved this country experiment, I cannot tell you how excited I am to get back to what I know- city water, city sewers, nearby amenities, friends and family in close proximity, shopping...squeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

As such, there will be a lot of changes coming to the blog, from the name to the themes, to what we discuss...everything. Be watching!

That said, I'm dreading the actual moving part. Because moving is THE. WORST.
And let me tell you why I feel that way:

My whole life, since I've been 7 years old, I've been moving all over the place. We moved to Belgium that year and since then, I've been back and forth from Europe, changed houses, went back and forth to college, changed apartments, got married and moved around between typically terrible newlywed-and-destitute housing...

I'm tired.
I just want a home.
You know?
When we moved to the States, I went to school with kids who had lived in the same town from the time that they were born all the way through high school and as grateful as I was and am for my experiences growing up, I was also really jealous of those kids that had that connection to each other and to a place. They had all of these memories together and such a sense of...home. That intangible, unexplainable feeling that goes with having a home base, a place to call yours, a place that really and truly feels like the space where you begin and end. 

I have never had that.
I've spent my whole adult life looking for it and trying to create it and it seems so elusive to me. We're so transient at the moment and nothing seems to stay the same for any real length of time, so it just seems kind of impossible.

But the thing is that I desperately want that for my family! I want for Little Man to have somewhere to come home to when he's in college. I want for the Hubs to have somewhere that feels safe and warm and soft when he's had a hard day at work.

And I want a place that we don't have to leave right when all of my hard work pays off and it starts to be livable, which is exactly the situation that we've been in in the last three places that we've lived in. The houses were dirty and hadn't been cared for, they needed updating, they needed a lot of help...and then, once we got everything sorted out, we had to move.

And I can't tell you how frustrating that is.

Here's to hoping that we find something a little more permanent.
A little more lasting.
A little more...home.


  1. Boom. You nailed it. I want a home, too.

    Of course, I didn't move one single time growing up, so I had that. But still. I'm so sick of moving.

    Prayers that you find something that will last for a long time!

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