Saturday, February 15, 2014

Product Review : Maybelline FitMe Stick Foundations

Hello, devoted readers!

I was strolling the make-up aisle of my local Meijer about a month ago when I saw a newly released product:
I was all kinds of excited! See, I'm old enough to have been in high school when Maybelline made their first pass at creating a stay-matte foundation stick that they had (I assume) tried to replicate from Max Factor's popular pan sticks (aw, remember Max Factor make up? Let's all take a collective moment for sentimental reflection...all set? Okay, on we go.) and they were pretty great, actually. It's one of those products that I still think about, envying my past self. See, I have this crazy oily t-zone (who hears me on that?) and that thing was the best at mattifying (that's a word, yes? Yes.) it. Since I don't have any semblance of "brand loyalty" for anything (seriously, I do not get that), I would buy which ever of the lovely foundation sticks, Maybelline or Max Factor, was on sale. It truly was the best of times.

And then. Oh, and then. As so often happens, they discontinued it. *cue "Dark Shadows-esque mood music*

Sad face. Also, oily face. Sad, teenage, oily face. *sigh*

So imagine my delight when I saw that they had brought it back out (what's old is new again!) and I would have a second chance to buy it! Hooray! I located my shade (something just this side of computer printer paper white) and sprinted to the nearest self-checkout.

Before I get to the actual review (you know I love to leave you hanging), I'll just give you the info on this nifty little stick:

It's a cream foundation in stick form but the thing that makes this special (according to the literature) is that fancy light colored dot there in the middle, which is supposed to be a "stay-matte powder core" which is supposed to help your skin stay nice and fresh looking. The stick form is purported to aid in a mess-free application process as well as allow you to carry it with you for touch ups without having to worry about spillage.

I had high hopes for this item based on my previous experience, although the "stay-matte core" made me a little apprehensive. I tend to try to stay away from gimmicky stuff like that. I usually find that the higher the gimmick quotient, the less likely it is that the product will work the way I want it to.

In this case, I should have stuck to my no-gimmick policy because I was sorely disappointed in this. It was greasy to the point of making my skin feel slippery even after I had given it ample time to set and had applied powder over the top. It settled into every pore, crease, and line on my face so that I looked about 50 years old (and you guys, I'm only 29), it slid around on my face, and broke down pretty aggressively around my nose and forehead. No matter how much I blended it when I first applied it, it still looked like it was just sitting there on top of my skin rather than actually blending into a natural camouflage like a good-quality foundation should. Ideally, people should be looking at your face and not your make up. All of that, and the coverage wasn't very good at all! I have some redness to my face and some blemishes (thank you very much, post-baby hormonal skin), and this struggled to even barely cover those issues.

Bottom line- I definitely wouldn't recommend this to anyone. It just isn't a very good product, I'm afraid, and based on the number of negative reviews that I've seen on this so far, I'm not alone in thinking that. If you're in the market for a new foundation, steer far, far clear of this.

I'll end by sharing the review of this from one of my very favorite beauty bloggers, Emily of Beauty Broadcast:

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