This daily devotional, or day book, is so incredibly inspiring. The way she writes is beautiful and I look forward to reading this everyday. It really makes me want to live a better, simpler, more gracious life.

Pretty much anything by Emilie Barnes - I just love her. Truly. Some of her suggestions for decor are a little (okay, some are a lot) dated, but her passion for homemaking and her encouraging style is really helpful to me! She has a lot of helpful hints for creating a homemaking schedule, organizing your home, being more efficient, and taking time out of your day to draw near to the Lord. These are some of my favorites by her:

If you only read one by her, though, make it this one!

Even if country-style decorating isn't your thing, this book is a great resource for everything from how to properly arrange furniture in a room to doing the laundry to making a bed and more. LOVE.

Sink Reflections by Marla Cilley
This book is my lifeline! It has the layout of the exact housekeeping layout that I use! She is warm, inviting, encouraging, and non-judgmental! I highly, HIGHLY recommend this one!


The Sugar-Pie Farmhouse - This blog is just the cutest! Any time I'm needing a little pick-me-up and encouragement, I head right over to Aunt Ruthie's and settle in for some heart-warming homekeeper love. I just love her. She's such a breath of fresh air and she truly loves her Lord and her home. She has such a heart for making a home that's not just lovely, but that's also comforting and inviting to those that live and visit there. I so hope that someday she'll write a book on homemaking because I would snap that up in a heartbeat!

Brocante Home - This blog is all about being a vintage homemaker and I am all about that! Her ideas are darling, her writing is hilarious and relatable, and I just love reading about her life in England. She has a darling little cottage home covered in lavender and retro yumminess. I just have this feeling that if I were to show up at her door, she would have a steaming mug of hot cider and cookies  for me along with an hilarious story about some mishap at the grocery store.

A Holy Experience - Oh, how I love this blog. Her prose is just beautiful and she has been blessed with a way of applying scripture to her life that is just humbling and life-altering. She's also the author of the best-selling One Thousand Gifts which is, I can say without hyperbole, incredible. I've read it a couple of times now and I've been blessed by it every time. I cannot recommend it highly enough.
A Holy Experience